10 Reasons why to buy a Rolex

It´s common in many families that the children get a watch for a special occasion. So did I for my confirmation, my Abitur and for graduating from LSE. For the last event I had a special watch in mind, a fashionable one with a few diamonds from a rather young brand. My father refused to buy me this watch and I´m very thankful for that today. However, it took me a while to realise ;). In his worlds "you should rather own a watch from ROLEX - you will wear it for a lifetime". So in the end I was very lucky and happy to receive a ROLEX GMT Master II. Wearing this watch nearly everyday made me think why the brand ROLEX has such a reputation & why I think it´s such a good buy. Hence, here are 10 reasons why this brand is one of a kind: 

  1. While this certainly depends from model to model, a ROLEX preserves its value and some watches even increase their worth, especially if it´s a limited edition. 
  2. Their design is timeless. The brand doesn´t fundamentally change their designs so it is assumable that you will love the ROLEX you buy forever. 
  3. Worn by inspirational icons such as Charlotte Casiraghi, Steve McQueen or Martin Luther King. 
  4. Founded in 1905 - you realise this is not a trend but a tradition, here to stay
  5. The brand is privately held and independent.
  6. Although 2000 watches are produced per day and there are machines used during the manufacturing, the movements are hand assembled & tested. 
  7. There is an alluring mystery about this watch manufacturer. With probably the strongest security measures in the industry and conservative PR we will never know everything about the brand.
  8. They employ many gemologists, who constantly test the gemstones. Apparently only 2 in 20 million stones they bought over the last decades were fake. So don´t worry about those stones.
  9. Good things take time. According to the brand most watches take a year from producing the metal to sending it out to the jeweler.
  10. The dial, bracelet, bezel and even the gold (!) are made in-house.


xx K