Strolling around my neighborhood in Hamburg I discovered a very special jeweler: Spreckelsen. I instantly loved their cool branding and design. While I, to be honest, had not heard of the brand before, my family and friends from the jewelry business spoke very highly of this jeweler with its long-standing tradition. Curious about what´s behind the shops window, I walked in the store and had such a great morning with the face behind the brand: Sylvia von Spreckelsen.

Founded in 1987, this jewelry house stands for fine, in-house manufactured jewelry. When you enter the store you´ll know what I am talking about: the manufactory is open and you can watch the three goldsmiths at work. Favorite collection: the Snakeskin Collection. The pieces with various surfaces and optional diamonds are made to mix and match.

So whenever you are in Hamburg, stop by this great family owned jeweler :)

xx K

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Snake Skin Collection