There is this one place in Mallorca

Spending some time in Mallorca recently, I was looking for the right topic to blog about - something local, something original. Searching online before my flight I came across a jeweler named Relojeria Alemana. Since I liked their website and the brands they have in stock (Audemars Piguet, Rolex, Patek Philippe,...), I made an appointment. Expecting an ordinary jeweler next door I couldn´t believe my eyes when opening their doors in Palma a week later.

But why exactly? Let me break it down to 3 things. Their history, their store architecture and their family.

THE HISTORY: founded in 1879 by a German (now the name makes sense btw) the business was taken over after the founders death by his friend Pablo Fuster Cortes. Until today the jeweler is run by this family. They now own 4 stores in Mallorca - two in Palma, one in Puerto Portals and another one in Puerto Adriano.

THE ARCHITECTURE: There are jewelry stores and there are jewelry stores. I don´t even know where to start. Let my try to explain. The store in Palma (Paseo del Borne 19) is in an old classy building but inside it consists of three cubes. There is a lot of open space, organic forms and the best - a secret elevator that brings you to the next cube. It doesn´t felt like the stores I knew before. It´s more of a mixture between concept store, a Baselworld booth and a private suite.

THE FAMILY: Family is the most important thing to me. That´s probably why I´m admiring Relojeria Alemana that is run by the three beautiful siblings Blanca, Paula and Pablo.

I have to admit after visiting this jeweler I was bored when I walked into other jewelry stores. So whenever you are in Palma stop by this magical place, it´s worth every minute.

xx K

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