Pasha de Cartier

There are tiny feminine watches and there is the Pasha de Cartier. As I have a thing for big, bold watches, this watch by Cartier is one of my favorite - it´s the watch that I´m wearing nearly every day since my 19th birthday. The 42mm timepiece with black clock face has a rubber covered strap and not wearing it makes me feel naked. The crown has a removable metal cap and is bejeweled with a sapphire. So in order to adjust the time, on has to unscrew and screw back the cap. 

And here is what you need to know about the story behind this watch: Invented in 1932, Louis Cartier himself designed this first waterproof watch. It was made for the Sultan of Marrakech who craved a watch that he could wear while bathing. Hence the name. 

xx K

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