Watches older than yourself

Vintage jewelry is a whole chapter for itself and to be honest I´m not a real expert when it comes to this field. But when it comes to vintage watches I definitely have an opinion. 

3 types of gold, 1 ring

A simple idea became an iconic piece – three types of gold in one ring. Designed in 1924 this ring is still a true classic amongst jewelry lovers. But what´s the meaning behind this timeless ring?

The coolest jewelry trends of this season

If you work with jewelry everyday two things become apparent: there is not only one jewelry trend out there taking the jewelry world by storm. You can see chokers as well as septum piercings everywhere – are they even real? Of course I had to no other choice than to try them out! 

Baselworld – my favorite place

There is no other place in the world I would rather like to be. Basel, or in other words Baselworld is one of the most known jewelry fairs of the world. Boothes as high as houses and billion of dollars in jewelry from around the world make this place my home for a week. 

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