Diamond sizes explained

SIMILAR TO A formula  in school, we probably all know the 4 Cs by heart. For those who don´t know, the 4 C´s help you to define a diamond (carat, cut, color, clarity).  When looking for an engagement ring, you have to find the perfect diamond size, especially according to your budget. While the cut, color and the clarity also define a diamond´s price, there is a rule (with exceptions of course): the bigger the diamond = the higher the carat = the pricier the gemstone. 

There is this one place in Mallorca

Spending some time in Mallorca recently, I was looking for the right topic to blog about – something local, something original. Searching online before my flight I came across a jeweler named Relojeria Alemana. Since I liked their website and the brands they have in stock (Audemars Piguet, Rolex, Patek Philippe,…), I made an appointment. Expecting an ordinary jeweler next door I couldn´t believe my eyes when opening their doors in Palma a week later.


Travelling to Florence last weekend, eating Risotto and staying at an old Medici palace I asked myself about Italian jewelry as such. My dad always told me that Italian jewelry is special – the color is intense and the shape is opulent in the most elegant way. A typical, and my favorite Italian brand btw, is BVLGARI – I´m wearing the BZero ring since a long time now. However, I leaned that one of the most original collections by the Rome based company is their BVLGARI BVLGARI collection. Of course there is

The true statement piece by Paula Mendoza

Sometimes I see a jewelry piece online, screenshot it and after a few days or weeks I forget about it. This did not happen with the Nereus bracelet by Paula Mendoza. The Colombian born designer created something that is different from everything else. Decorative, stylish and bold – I wanted this bracelet so badly.

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