The coolest jewelry trends of this season

If you work with jewelry everyday two things become apparent: there is not only one jewelry trend out there taking the jewelry world by storm. You can see chokers as well as septum piercings everywhere - are they even real? Of course I had to no other choice than to try them out! 

Every 90s kid knows about the choker trend. Only this time the chokers are not made of plastic wires but mostly of velvet fabric. They are either thin or broad, either plain or with a small pendant in the middle. Looking for that perfect choker I came across Gemma Azzurro. The California based company designed a leather choker with Swarovski stones set in sterling silver. I was in love with it immediately and happy they sent me one to blog about :)

Those nose piercings every cool girl out there seems to wear are either real or fake. I went for the fake... let me be honest here. The feeling when wearing it is not very nice. It´s cool for a day I would say. Still, most certainly I will not wear the fake piercing again, simply because it is not authentic - at least not for me.

When it comes to the choker, I think this piece has become a real basic you really need. It gives your outfit a really sexy upgrade. Still, if you want to remain your classy look do not wear it with a short skirt or low-cut top ;)

xx K

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