Bollywood + California = Isharya

Wearing mostly German, French, Italian or American jewelry I´m was not owning a single jewelry piece from India yet - always assuming it might be too heavy and playful for me. Well, I was wrong. Meeting Amal from the jewelry agency Pink Heater (best agency name ever) with offices in Paris and New York she told me about an Indian brand the agency manages: Isharya.I was so curious about what she said so she was so kind and sent me a ring - the Temple Muse Pearl statement ring :) The brand has its heritage in India and is mixed with a modern California chic. The ring itself says it all: dramatic, bold designs to capture the glamour of Bollywood. The brand is stocked in over 60 countries but probably most famous in the US - adored by celebs such as the Kardashians or Gwyneth Paltrow. 

P.S For all jewelry addicts from Paris, Pink Heater is having an exhibition during Paris Fashion Week displaying their designers such as Isharya, Jade Jagger or Julez Bryant.  In case your are a shop buyer you´re officially invited. Just email:

xx K

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