FREYWILLE – all about art

Jewelry is all about being creative. It´s about designing and manufacturing precious pieces that fascinate through time. One brand that stands for these timeless creations, resisting fast-paced trends is the Vienna based brand FREYWILLE.

I was always curious about this brand, so I finally walked into their store in Hamburg the other day. Discover in this post what makes this family owned company to one of a kind.

So what´s so typical about FREYWILLE? Its enamel, a mixture of glass, porcelain and color. The manufacturing process is very elaborate but the shiny surfaces with vibrant colors make it worth the time. 

The core values of this brand are art and elegance. On these grounds the designers of FREYWILLE find their inspiration in artworks. Since the pieces are decorative & colorful, I recommend to wear them with little or no other jewelry.

xx K


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