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Certainly, being in NYC is amazing, but going there with jewelry on your neck and in your luggage by your favorite jeweler is even more amazing, especially when you are that much into jewelry than I am. So for the sake of  having a closer look at GIA and shooting pictures for another project, I travelled to NYC,  while Juwelier Leicht allowed me to wear a few precious pieces during my stay. Having his roots in Pforzheim, the jeweler expanded quickly, currently having stores at Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten in Munich, at the Adlon


Wenn ich an Schmuck aus meiner Heimatstadt Pforzheim denke, denke ich neben Chopard vor allem an Wellendorff. Die Designs bleiben sich treu, der Schmuck ist aufwendig produziert und fühlt sich unglaublich hochwertig an, sodass die Schmuckstücke von Wellendorff mit ihrer weit über 100 jährigen Erfahrung in meinen Augen den perfekten Schmuck ausmachen, der über Generationen getragen werden kann.

There is this one place in Mallorca

Spending some time in Mallorca recently, I was looking for the right topic to blog about – something local, something original. Searching online before my flight I came across a jeweler named Relojeria Alemana. Since I liked their website and the brands they have in stock (Audemars Piguet, Rolex, Patek Philippe,…), I made an appointment. Expecting an ordinary jeweler next door I couldn´t believe my eyes when opening their doors in Palma a week later.


Travelling to Florence last weekend, eating Risotto and staying at an old Medici palace I asked myself about Italian jewelry as such. My dad always told me that Italian jewelry is special – the color is intense and the shape is opulent in the most elegant way. A typical, and my favorite Italian brand btw, is BVLGARI – I´m wearing the BZero ring since a long time now. However, I leaned that one of the most original collections by the Rome based company is their BVLGARI BVLGARI collection. Of course there is

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