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FREYWILLE – all about art

Jewelry is all about being creative. It´s about designing and manufacturing precious pieces that fascinate through time. One brand that stands for these timeless creations, resisting fast-paced trends is the Vienna based brand FREYWILLE. I was always curious about this brand, so I finally walked into their store in Hamburg the other day. Discover in this post what makes this family owned company to one of a kind.

Fashion Jewelry: Eve´s Jewel

Besides being a memory, jewelry definitely should be one thing for sure: fun! And what is more fun than going jewelry shopping without budget constraints? That´s one of the reason why I´m an advocate of mixing fine jewelry with fashion jewelry. One of my current favorite costume jewelry brands is Eve´s jewel. The Vienna based brand stands for filigree jewelry and fun designs. I luckily received a parcel by Eve´s last week and since then I´m wearing bling on every finger 🙂

Pretty Pearls

For a jewelry addict there is probably nothing better than receiving a parcel by YANA NESPER. The beautiful face behind the brand, Yana Nesper herself, sent me her latest pearl collection. I love this brand since a while now (Back to Pearls blog post) for many reasons: they only manufacture the best pearl quality and their designs are anything but old-school.


Strolling around my neighborhood in Hamburg I discovered a very special jeweler: Spreckelsen. I instantly loved their cool branding and design. While I, to be honest, had not heard of the brand before, my family and friends from the jewelry business spoke very highly of this jeweler with its long-standing tradition. Curious about what´s behind the shops window, I walked in the store and had such a great morning with the face behind the brand: Sylvia von Spreckelsen.

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