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Having a thing for ancient coin jewelry and talismans as such, I was happy to receive two necklaces from LUILU. The sterling silver jewerly brand from Germany features the current minimalistic trends and especially focuses on necklaces above all. Thank you Luisa!


Wenn ich an Schmuck aus meiner Heimatstadt Pforzheim denke, denke ich neben Chopard vor allem an Wellendorff. Die Designs bleiben sich treu, der Schmuck ist aufwendig produziert und fรผhlt sich unglaublich hochwertig an, sodass die Schmuckstรผcke von Wellendorff mit ihrer weit รผber 100 jรคhrigen Erfahrung in meinen Augen den perfekten Schmuck ausmachen, der รผber Generationen getragen werden kann.

Emerging designer: Alina Abegg

Young, well travelled & wild at heart. Emerging designer Alina Abegg launched her first collection COSMIC ESCAPE inspired by the mystery of our universe and the playful aesthetics of 90s jewelry.

Bollywood + California = Isharya

Wearing mostly German, French, Italian or American jewelry Iยดm was not owning a single jewelry piece from India yet – always assuming it might be too heavy and playful for me. Well, I was wrong.ย Meeting Amal from the jewelry agencyย Pink Heater (best agency name ever) with offices in Paris and New York she told me about an Indianย brand the agencyย manages: Isharya.

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