The Love Bracelet, designed in 1969, is the cornerstone of Cartier's most successful series: The Love collection. Read below what you always wanted to know about this iconic bracelet and whether or not it is worth the purchase. I first fell in love with the bracelet when I tried on the rose gold version with colorful gemstones at Harrods in 2012. It was and still is one of my favorite jewelry pieces. I was very excited to get one for my birthday this year. In all honesty, this blog post was the reason why I took off the bracelet for the first, and hopefully only, time. I wear the smallest size (16cm). The bracelet comes with a screwdriver.

After a few days you really forget that you are wearing it day and night and it becomes a part of your body. And yes indeed, the bracelet will get scratches which make it a bit less shiny but I don't worry about it at all. Jewelry is made to be worn and scratches are only a sign that you have lived and created memories with, and while wearing, jewelry. The story behind each love bracelet, and each Cartier piece in general, is what makes it so special. In my eyes this is one of Cartiers biggest success drivers. This 18K gold piece is about love and more importantly about who puts the love bracelet around your wrist and keeps the little screwdriver. The minimalistic design, the timeless value and the storytelling make this bracelet one of my favorite pieces of jewelry and worth the purchase.

xx K

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