Diamond sizes explained

SIMILAR TO A formula  in school, we probably all know the 4 Cs by heart. For those who don´t know, the 4 C´s help you to define a diamond (carat, cut, color, clarity). 

When looking for an engagement ring, you have to find the perfect diamond size, especially according to your budget. While the cut, color and the clarity also define a diamond´s price, there is a rule (with exceptions of course): the bigger the diamond = the higher the carat = the pricier the gemstone. 

A 1 carat stones has a 6,44mm diameter, 1,5 carat measures 7,33 mm, a 2,5 carat diamond is 8,8 mm large and the 3 carat stones measues 9,44 mm. Theses numbers can vary a bit of course. 

I was looking for a picture that displays the sizes of brilliants (round diamonds) online but couldn´t find one so I just shot this pic myself. Engagement ring manufacturer Verlobungsringe.de was so kind to give me a few of their precious stones to show you the real carat sizes on a finger. 

Hope this post helps you to find your perfect carat size :) 

xx K