Travelling to Florence last weekend, eating Risotto and staying at an old Medici palace I asked myself about Italian jewelry as such. My dad always told me that Italian jewelry is special - the color is intense and the shape is opulent in the most elegant way. A typical, and my favorite Italian brand btw, is BVLGARI - I´m wearing the BZero ring since a long time now. However, I leaned that one of the most original collections by the Rome based company is their BVLGARI BVLGARI collection. Of course there is a story waiting to be discovered behind this collection :)

Celebrating the Roman heritage of the brand the collection has been inspired by the inscriptions of ancient coins. Now everything makes sense when seeing this collection. Round, luxurious and above all - Italian. The earrings depicted are made of 18k pink gold and feature two diamonds and mother of pearl. While normally not wearing long earnings, rather small stud earrings - these are an exception for me: First they are not heavy (yeah) and second they are not too long to wear them during the day. 


xx K

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