Jewelry since 1743: Brahmfeld & Gutruf

Last week was really special for  me due to an invitation by Brahmfeld & Gutruf - Germany´s oldest jeweler. Come with me and discover what makes this established jeweler so special.

Founded in 1743 in Hamburg the jeweler was formerly known for its amazing silver craftsmanship. Over the centuries Brahmfeld & Gutruf acquired unique skills when it comes to manufacturing precious gemstones. Today .the jeweler located at Neuer Wall is a true institution not only in the city but across Europe.

Caroline Freisfeld, who owns the company together with her husband Benjamin, welcomed me at their store and showed me the latest pieces of their colorful collection. Favorite piece: the chameleon brooch. 

Click here to discover more about this one of a kind jeweler. 

xx K

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