Baselworld – my favorite place

There is no other place in the world I would rather like to be. Basel, or in other words Baselworld is one of the most known jewelry fairs of the world. Boothes as high as houses and billion of dollars in jewelry from around the world make this place my home for a week. It´s a place where a Belgian diamond dealer has coffee with a Brazilian watch trader and later meets a jeweler from New York. This year I was lucky enough to support RIVOIR, a Franco German diamond jewelry brand at their booth. If you´re not press or do not work there - no worries - you can always buy a day ticket for around 60 Swiss Frank. 

Chopard was so kind and invited me to their press event where I got my hands on some haute joaillerie pieces. Also I had the pleasure of meeting Tamara Comolli herself. She has such a sparkling personality and truly stands for the brand values herself. Also visiting the Messika booth was amazing since they gave me some pieces of their new collection to put on, and between us, I couldn´t even count the carats even though the pieces were ultra light and surprisingly flexible.  

xx K

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Diamond watch
Diamond jewelry
Acorn inspired jewelry
Sapphire necklace