3 types of gold, 1 ring

A simple idea became an iconic piece - three types of gold in one ring. Designed in 1924 this ring is still a true classic amongst jewelry lovers. But what´s the meaning behind this timeless ring?

Every alloy has a different meaning. Rose gold symbolizes love, while yellow gold stands for fidelity and white gold for friendship. Personally I would never buy such a model somewhere else than in a Cartier boutique. There a simply too many fakes out there. Also, Cartier offers  to engrave one or all three rings. This truly makes a perfect gift for a girl. 

What I love about this ring is that it basically has two ring sizes. It´s strange but listen: there are two different ways how to wear the ring, you can change the direction of how the 3 rings roll along your finger - one is more tilted than the other. Difficult to put in words but you will see. 

I wear the simple small version. They start start at around 1090€ and go up to 90.000€. 

xx K

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